Rat / Rodent Treatment

Rat/Rodent Treatment

ImageRats and rodents are one of the most dangerous household pests and must be controlled immediately. They chew through walls, leave droppings and pose a significant health risk to humans. There are many different rat control methods that you can adopt to free your home of these pests.

Rat Control Methods

ImageSpring Traps - These traps have are highly sensitive and take lethal action on rats at the slightest touch.

Electronic Traps - These traps kill rats by delivering a high voltage shock.

Glue Boards

ImageThese traps consist of a long strip of glue-like substance which is covered with plastic. As soon as the rat gets into the trap, it cannot escape and is caught.

Baits can be both fixed in bait stations with rat poisons and placed where rats visit the most. The poisons present are toxic for rats as they cause their blood to thin. Baits will be kept far from the reach of children and elders and pets as they are poisonous in nature.

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